Monday, 30 March 2009

another question done

Good morning folks, I managed to get yet another question crafted. Im not that happy with the finer detail but otherwise I like how my popcorn idea with film reel turned out. Ive almost caught up with the questions and Im hoping to catch up today by doing question number 12 just in time for the next question today lol
I have to say I found it difficult to decide on 5 films that inspire me creatively as all films inspire me just some more than others and for different reasosn.
1/ Calamity Jane is one of my all time favourite films as it inspires me to sing and perform.
2/ Its a wonderful life, is another all time favourite film that I grew up watching, inspired me as a child to be creative in how to build my relationships with people by thinking about how I affect others lifes as well as my own.
3/ The rocky horror show, again inspired me to sing and perform and be just a little cheeky
4/ Lord of the rings inspired my imagination in so many ways, I loved reading the books long before the film was even thought of.
5/ Chicago is another film that inspired me musically but also inspired me to dance, along with 42nd street. I just love jazz and tap dancing.
There are many many many other films I love and that inspire me in so many ways not just creatively.
Have a great day
T x

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