Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Another Scrapbook page, woo hoo

Hi Folks, here we are again. Ive done another scrapbook page. The is the first picture of Arran as an Uncle with his sister.
I have tried to experiment a little with different looks and techniques Ive not done before. I had recently bought a stitch template and I used the star. I hope it looks ok. Ive not thought of a title yet but like many of my pages it will just suddenly come to me. the blue tag is for the journalling. The important thing is that I have done the page. I made myself a few promises lately and one of them is to do more crafting among other things. I am also hoping to do more reading. I enjoy reading and I dont allow myself enough time to read at night as I used to so the plan is to try to go to be early especially to read. It is very relaxing. My mum is going to teach me how to knit that should be fun. I have knitted before when my kids were babies and she helped me to knit stuff for my kids. But the difference was that she was always there to correct my mistakes lol I will of course take photos and let you see how I get on. When I finally find the time to do that too lol
Until next time take care
T x

Monday, 25 January 2010

My first ride out of 2010

Sorry its been a while since ive blogged, Ive just been soooo busy doing lots of stuff. In fact so much stuff I dont know where to begin lol Well, ok I do, I will begin with my ride out on Saturday 23rd Jan. Here are photos Id like to share with you of my first ride out on my motorbike in 2010. As you can see it was a bit of a wet day but it wasnt too bad. It was a lovely ride up to Callander though a little cold on the way home. The completely blue bike is my suzuki bandit, as you can see Im posing on it. The other bike is a suzuki GSXR and belongs to my friend I was with. I hope you enjoy having a laugh at my silly antics posing with my helmet on (I was having a seriously bad hair day lol) Oh and by the way I do have protective gear on under my rain coat, that was on to keep me dry should it rain. Take care all till next time. T x

Sunday, 17 January 2010

A crafty sunday afternoon

Here we are again. Ive been crafting with a friend who wishes to remain anonymous due to the fact my friend is male and is afraid he is now turning gay. It took us all afternoon and it was such a good laugh. My friend is an engineer and so likes to have straight lines and likes to have shapes placed in a geometric fashion. So it was fun trying to show him it can still look good squint lol, though we did place most shapes with clean lines but placed the ribbon squint :) The photo is mine, and the page will be placed in last years a year in the life of me book. This is a photo of the celtic roundhouse I went to with some biker friends of mine in November and had a fantastic time.

Thanks for taking a peek take care, sparkles

T x

Thursday, 14 January 2010

My latest creation of 2010

Here is my latest creating. I started this page with the papers first. I happened to be sitting at my desk doing my uni work and I looked up to see th lime green paper and I thought that would look great against a red background so I hunted out a red 12x12 and it kinda took off from there. The basic design Ive used many a time on cards and thought it might look nice on a larger scale with a few more embellishments. And I think I was right. My only regret was that I had intended on using that photo in my mini journal of December. But it is a good page so it will be a challenge to come up with something completely different for my journal page for the day that photo was taken. Well folks thats all from me for now. Its my january calendar page to start next. Hmmmmmmmm thinking cap is now on. Have to decide on an over all design first I think that might make it easier to. Catch ya all soon.
Warm winter sparkles to you all
T x

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Im so proud of my son

I was thinking that rather than just concentrate on what Ive been up to I thought you would be interested to see what my son has been up to. Here is a birds house he made in wood work. I think its fantastic but then I would he is my son lol He normally does painting of very small figures and when I get a chance I will photograph a few of them and let you all see. So it would seem that creativity runs in the family. My eldest daughter is very heavily into crafting and she is very good at it too. My other daughter is not so much into crafting but Im sure she has creativity talent somewhere, she just hasn't discovered it yet. Or perhaps she just doesnt want to admit to it yet. I will of course keep you posted. So This post is dedicated to my son. :)

Sparkles to you all

T x

Sunday, 10 January 2010

First craft project of 2010

After lots of moving this slideshow about and discovering how to put it in a post I would now like to share with you my first craft project of 2010. My aunt sent me some news paper cartoon clips of how its fabulous to be a forty something now that Ive turned 40 lol What a great sense of humour my Aunt Dot has., just as well I have too lol

I though that as they were worth keeping I would use my BIA from start to finish and actually bind this book and finish it off with some ribbon. I have a few more bits of ribbon to add but it was very late last night and thought Id just photograph what Id done so far and go to bed to sleep. For those of you who are aware of my uni work Im trying to get finished. Im almost there but last night I just needed to stop doing uni work and do something pleasant as I was getting myself well stressed out. This was the perfect distraction to finish off my project I started a couple of days ago.

So I hope you all enjoy

Snowy sparkles (well, we might as well make the most of this snow)

T x

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Monthly craft challenge 2010

Well folks, I thought that as I enjoyed doing the 52 Q&A last year I would attempt to organise my own challenge. Last years challenge was weekly and I have to confess, with my busy life I found it difficult to keep up so this year I came up with the idea of doing a monthly challenge of a calendar for 2011. Each month you will design a page for the following years corresponding month. Normally the challenge will be set on the 1st of every month, however this months is a little late in getting posted due to the fact Ive only just thought of it.

Each page can be what ever shape and size you decide your calendar should be and can be bound however you choose. It can be either digital or papercraft (hope this is the correct term of phrase) in design. In fact its your calendar you choose the over all design. All I ask is that you include certain elements to each page each month.

Just to get us started off, a simple element of Snow should be included in January's page, given the amount of snow that is about this month I thought it was fitting. I do hope you enjoy this challenge and that you are able to complete your calendars Happy Crafting.

I will put a list of people who are joining in this challenge with a link to their blog if they have one just as soon as I figure out how to do it again lol But for the time being the list at the bottom of this post have agreed to do this challenge so far at least, please dont hesitate to contact me if you would like to join in so I can add your name.

Oh,......... Ive just thought, just to sweeten the pot a little I will have a competition to win a prize of stash (not decided what yet but I know crafters any stash will do lol) I will bring in a impartial judge to decide the winner(s) in January next year (December is too busy a month) Ooooh Im kinda excited now, my first big challenge set. Oh I do hope people join in and have as much fun participating as I did on someone elses challenge last year.

Me aka Artistic Crafter (DC)
Gina aka Mrs TSV (DC)
DoodlesDumpkins (DC)
Sue aka sue-bubbles (DC)
Maria aka maria(bubbles) (DC)
Green Haze (DC)

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

My first crafting project of 2010

Yeah I know Im suppose to be doing uni work but my head was spinning so I needed to take a break I will go back to it later. As part of my birthday my aunt sent me a couple of funny cartoon strips from an american paper she has cut out and saved especially for me as Im now 40 lol They are Its fabulous to be a forty something woman because.......... funnys. I thought so it is easier to keep them and not let them get damaged Id put them onto card pages and bling them up a bit and so make a mini comic book of sorts. Ive done 3 pages so far 3 more to go :) Im not sure if you can actually read the cartoons if you enlarge the image, if not you will just have to trust me that they are funny lol

Take care

T x

A new chapter 2010

Its 6 days into the new year already. Ive done quite a few things but not all have photos. The photos on this post are from a walk I took along the canal near to my home. The top image is of me and MacDuff walking along the canal path.
This photo is me walking actually on the forth and clyde canal, it was frozen solid.

This image was taken on the walk home from my daughters flat, where we stopped off for a little while. It was nice to see my daughter and grandson. I really dont stop in at her flat often enough. This is something I will try to rectify this year. The structure you can see just in the background behind those trees is Falkirk Wheel which joins the forth and clyde canal with the union canal.

What a lovely sunset, again this image was taken on the walk home. Though I have to say the camera has not really done it justice but it does give an idea of how lovely it was. So what else have I done I here you ask. Well, I have made plans to go and see James Toselands (moto GP rider) band crash in Glasgow in April. Ive made more plans to go on a camping trip to Skye in May and Ive been out to the pictures to see the film nine which is not as great as I thought it would be but it was good. Best of all though I actually made a bigger effort to not go out looking like a sack of tatties lol I had my hair all done and my make up on (Im not used to wearing make up as I rarely wear it) This is all part of my new year plans to have a better life. Im going out tonight to meet my biker friends in the pub, I will of course make another conscious effort and then back to the pictures to see sherlock holmes. Ive got to get back into the swing of using my unlimited card I have to get into the cineworld as many times as I like for a small monthly fee. Its great once you only have to go about twice in a month and that is the card paid for but if you go more that is then free so to speak :)
Enough ramblings for today I think I will come back soon and post again, another of my promises to do things I want to do :) This will be fun to look back on and see what Ive been up to and how Ive changed.
Take care T x