Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Another Scrapbook page, woo hoo

Hi Folks, here we are again. Ive done another scrapbook page. The is the first picture of Arran as an Uncle with his sister.
I have tried to experiment a little with different looks and techniques Ive not done before. I had recently bought a stitch template and I used the star. I hope it looks ok. Ive not thought of a title yet but like many of my pages it will just suddenly come to me. the blue tag is for the journalling. The important thing is that I have done the page. I made myself a few promises lately and one of them is to do more crafting among other things. I am also hoping to do more reading. I enjoy reading and I dont allow myself enough time to read at night as I used to so the plan is to try to go to be early especially to read. It is very relaxing. My mum is going to teach me how to knit that should be fun. I have knitted before when my kids were babies and she helped me to knit stuff for my kids. But the difference was that she was always there to correct my mistakes lol I will of course take photos and let you see how I get on. When I finally find the time to do that too lol
Until next time take care
T x


  1. What a beautiful LO Tania. Arran looks very much the proud Uncle.
    Sue xx

  2. Love your page love the patchwork effect, terrific picture too Ann x

  3. What a fab lo the star looks really good, great patchwork effect

  4. lovely layout tania, and good luck with your promises...

    maria x

  5. A beautiful LO Tania - Im so glad you a finding a little time to craft!
    Sue x

  6. a fab layout tania, arran looks very proud.
    im glad your making time to be crafty and good luck with your knitting.
    gina xxxxxxxxxxxxxx