Wednesday, 7 November 2012

An unexpected perk from an accident........

hi guys

Well,  Ive managed to fall at work and damage my knee :( so Im off for the rest of the week.  Anyway to make the most of my time off work I have been studying and thought I'd make a couple of christmas presents today to break the monotony of studying. 

Ive made a couple of bags both fully lined.  The brown cord was much easier to work with than the natural coloured fleece.  Ive not quite finished them but as always Im eager to share them with my crafting buddies lol It was the first time I have made this bag and it was a bit tricky at times trying to make sure I had everything pinned in the right bit.  Of course I managed to put the front strap on the wrong bit and had to unpick and put in the right bit.  After a bit of huffing and tutting, I finally got there in the end and I think they have turned out not too bad at all even if I do say so myself (phew) I hope the teenager its intended for likes it.  I have yet to sew on a small wooden buckle for the short front strap to go through to shut the bag and Ive a bit of the lining I have to finish sewing (the bit I had to leave to allow me to turn the bag the right way out) All in all Im proud of my efforts.

I think I will give the brown cord to the teenager and leave the other for another of my friends, though not decided who yet.

So here they are and as always please feel free to comment :)