Thursday, 28 January 2016

My first Art along with The Art Sherpa

Hi Folks

I thought I would share with you all my first adventure into art along.  I follow a talented artist Cinnamon Cooney, otherwise known as The Art Sherpa and can be found here on Youtube.  She is very vibrant and funny and enjoyable to watch.  Her videos are long, however, that is necessary for what she is trying to achieve.  She shows you every step of the way in real time in order to let you art along with her, you can pause at anytime if you feel you need extra time to catch up.  Alternatively as I have done, you can watch first (I like to do this when she is live and have her playing in the background while I am making and eating my tea usually due to the time difference) and then watch a second time and art along. I have a few videos of Cinnamons saved as I have watched and thought "hmmm Id like to try that canvas" of course as always life has gotten in the way.  Until now.  I am about to share with you my very first canvas art along using acrylics.  My journey back into art started with art journaling.  I figured there was a lot of stencil using and stamping and so I did not have to actually rely on my drawing skills.  Little did I know that I would be lured back to using, what I thought were my non existent drawing skills.  They are certainly not non existent now.  I am doing more and more and improving each day and loving it.


This first photo is the stage I got my picture to before I decided it was far too late at night and I actually needed to get some sleep before I made a mistake lol It was looking good and I really did not want to ruin my hard work because I was too tired.  It was after midnight (embarrassed face lol) I had gotten so engrossed in what I was doing I did not notice how late it was.  So I got some sleep and the following day added my silhouette...............
Oh my a Dragon has flown into my canvas quick run for your life :) lol
This was such an easy tutorial I truly believe anyone can have a go.  The best part is this video features a newbie guest, Ian otherwise known as the offkilter crafter and can be found here , painting along too.  Why not click here and see for yourself.  This particular episode was sooo soooo funny it had me truly laughing out loud. 
Thanks for reading, take care everyone
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Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Big Art Quest - #bigartquest

Hi Folks,

As if my last post wasn't exciting enough I have some more great news.  For all you budding and potential artists out there I would like to tell you about the new art series I have come across on YouTube.  It is the brain child of The Art Sherpa who can be found here on YouTube. It is essentially a series of free art lessons weekly for a full year to help you on your own art quest.  To learn all there is to know about acrylics and painting from colour charts to how to price your art for selling.  If this appeals to you why not check out the first video on her series and find out more by clicking here where you will find out in The Sherpa's own words what the #bigartquest is :) I have started this quest so I would like to share with you what I have done so far.  We can go at our own pace there is no hurry to complete any of the tasks the videos will be there for as long as YouTube exists.

This is my colour chart, although I own a lot of art supplies I have a variety of different mediums in a slightly larger selection of colours but only really have 6 Daler Rowney system 3 student grade acrylic colours (apparently the best in their class or so I have read).  I am ok with this as I am pretty sure I can made do with what I have for now and add other colours as I go along.  I will definitely be continuing to grow as an artist so will continue to grow my collection of acrylic paints and with a bit of luck upgrade them to artist quality eventually.   

So as part of the colour chart lesson it was suggested that we look at nature and study some of the colour and colour changes etc.  Well I confess I have not really ventured outside much to do this but as a keen photographer wannabe I take a lot of photos when out and about all the time so I have gone through and picked a couple that I thought would be interesting studying for colour and tonal values. 

here they are

These are great for realising that although there is a lot of one colour it can vary in tone and the pop of read for example on the robin really draws your eye to the robin rather than the snow or the branches.  The top photo shows how although there are some very different colours such as blue pink and even yellow of the flowers there is not a clashing colour in sight they all compliment each other :) Don't you just love nature :)

Thank you popping along and reading.  I hope you get excited about and join in the #bigartquest and start your own Art Journey :) T x

Thursday, 21 January 2016

The success of my YouTube Channel and Giveaway January 2016

Hi Folks.

I have not posted for a while and I thought I would get the ball rolling again with this exciting news.  I have unfortunately neglected my blog for a while (not deliberately) as I have been working on establishing my very own YouTube channel Tartantaz Creates, which can be found here on YouTube.   I started this channel in the Summer of 2015 and also joined a group called the Creative Arts Collaboration ( CAC ) on Facebook.  This group has helped me to grow my channel from nothing to now over 100 subscribers.  I am amazed I have gotten as many so quickly, thank you to all my subscribers so far.  Anyway my really exciting news is that because I have reached and gone beyond 100 subscribers I am celebrating with a give away here on YouTube. Where you can win this original Canvas painting. Go watch my video, if you are a subscriber and post a comment giving either a future suggestion or what your favourite video of mine has been so far I will enter you into a draw to win the canvas I create on my video.  I will do the draw on the 27th January 2016 and post a video to announce the winner.  Good luck to all who enter :) There's more...........

 My Giveaway video is part of the CAC January hashtag event which runs from 20th January until the 24th January 2016.  The hashtag event is a group of youtube artists getting together in collaboration and each using the same hashtag in order to make it easier for our viewers to find us rather than relying on the algorithm YouTube uses to decide who sees your video in the search results.  All members of the CAC who join in post a video with the same theme and voila you have an online visual art exhibition :) Its great why not use this months hashtag and see what great art you can find over the next few days.  Now what's even better is that the videos do not go away.  The only thing that stops after the 24th January is that no new art for that hashtag will be added. Here is a list of the hashtags so far.  Use these anytime you like as long as the videos are on YouTube you will find great stuff. Remember and type the symbol # then the rest of the hashtag into the search bar of YouTube and see what pops up.

July 2015 #lovesummerart
August  #pawgustart
September #lovefallart
October #thinkpinkart
November #thankful4art
December #lovewinterart
January 2016 #coloroftheyearart - please note so my hashtag is accurate I have spelt it the way the CAC have spelt it.

Alternative why not pop over and look at all the playlists available on the CAC YouTube Channel here

Thanks for joining me today. Take care have a great day.  T x