Thursday, 18 February 2010

Proud, aunty Rachel

Well folks here is another page for my grandsons album. Its taking a while as he is now almost a year old come April. This photo is the first one of aunty rachel and SJ in the hospital lol
I saw the idea for the folded frame from a card I saw and adapted it for my page.
T x

Sunday, 14 February 2010

My 40th birthday party

Well folks here it is the long awaited proof that I did have my 40th birthday party in February even though I turned 40 in December so now I guess I will have to admit to being 40 lol
The first photo is a group photo of everyone who turned up in fancy dress, not a bad turn out I thought. Can you guess who the guy in the front is ment to be? He did have a body warmer on (life preserver, a clue) lol

Friday, 5 February 2010

Thank you Val

Finally at last, late as usual Ive put my blog award in pride of place. Thank you Val

The three things I should/would never do are:

1. I should never put off til tomorrow what I could do today.
2. I would never ask anyone to do something I wouldnt do myself.
3. I would never do onto others that I would not have done onto myself.

Ps this was hard to think of 3 things I should/would never do.

It was also hard to decide who to pass this award onto, so many blogs who already had this award. So the three blogs Id like to give this award to are Foxy's crafts, Gills take nothing for granted In the hope it might inspire Gill to blog again and Claire

T x

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I want to share a story today instead of a picture

My grandson was visiting me yesterday and I was getting a bit of a cuddle I pursed my lips to give him a kiss and my daughter said give granma a big kiss. So he opened his mouth as babies do and landed a smacker on my lips. Well, my friend who was there regretted not having a camera cause apparently my face was a picture it just lit up. I nearly cried my grandson just melted my heart completely in that moment. Now if I had caputured that moment the layout would have been "unconditional love" Oh how I wish I had that moment captured on camera. Oh well such is life. The moment is forever engraved in my heart and will stay with me for ever.

I thought Id share, hope you enjoyed my story today.


T x

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

my january page for my calendar challenge

Here it is folks, allbeit a little late. Well it wouldnt be me if it wasnt late lol

Ive kept it simple. Its 6 x 6 and I look forward to doing the February page now lol

The bird photo was taken in my garden last winter and thought it was the ideal photo for this project. I have placed it on card to make it hardier but Im not so sure it will be such a good idea with 12 pages required. I may just leave this first page as the front cover and have the december page the same as the back cover. Not sure what Im doing yet lol
calendar sparkles
T x

awww look at my santa baby :)

Hi folks, here is what Ive been working on that distracted me from finishing my january challenge, though I am pleased to say that even my jan challenge is finished and will be posted on my blog another day. This page was not the easiest of pages to get started on. I changed my mind soooo many times on what background to use and trying to get the photos into a decent position was hard. I eventually left it and slept on it then when I went back to it it all fell into place. I hope you like it not sure you get the best idea of the colours with this photo but it gives you the jist.
Take care T x

Monday, 1 February 2010

Craft challenge 2010 - February

Here it is folks the second month in our 2011 calendar and the first time posting on the 1st of the month.

The theme for February is obvious as Valentines day falls on 14th February but after some research Ive found that Valentines day actually comes from Roman times so rather than the usual 'love' theme Id give it a bit of a twist.

The theme for February is 'roman love' I will leave it up to you to decide what roman love is........ here are some handy hints

why not try some white and gold colouring in this page

romans were quite opulent so why not use lots of bling in this page

I hope you enjoy this months challenge

Roman sparkles

T x