Friday, 5 February 2010

Thank you Val

Finally at last, late as usual Ive put my blog award in pride of place. Thank you Val

The three things I should/would never do are:

1. I should never put off til tomorrow what I could do today.
2. I would never ask anyone to do something I wouldnt do myself.
3. I would never do onto others that I would not have done onto myself.

Ps this was hard to think of 3 things I should/would never do.

It was also hard to decide who to pass this award onto, so many blogs who already had this award. So the three blogs Id like to give this award to are Foxy's crafts, Gills take nothing for granted In the hope it might inspire Gill to blog again and Claire

T x


  1. Lovely award Tania, well done!!!
    Thank you to Alma too as she also sent one to me, but alas I'm not too sure how to display it :(
    Suzie xxxx :)