Monday, 30 March 2009

another question done

Good morning folks, I managed to get yet another question crafted. Im not that happy with the finer detail but otherwise I like how my popcorn idea with film reel turned out. Ive almost caught up with the questions and Im hoping to catch up today by doing question number 12 just in time for the next question today lol
I have to say I found it difficult to decide on 5 films that inspire me creatively as all films inspire me just some more than others and for different reasosn.
1/ Calamity Jane is one of my all time favourite films as it inspires me to sing and perform.
2/ Its a wonderful life, is another all time favourite film that I grew up watching, inspired me as a child to be creative in how to build my relationships with people by thinking about how I affect others lifes as well as my own.
3/ The rocky horror show, again inspired me to sing and perform and be just a little cheeky
4/ Lord of the rings inspired my imagination in so many ways, I loved reading the books long before the film was even thought of.
5/ Chicago is another film that inspired me musically but also inspired me to dance, along with 42nd street. I just love jazz and tap dancing.
There are many many many other films I love and that inspire me in so many ways not just creatively.
Have a great day
T x

Sunday, 29 March 2009

craft efforts for today

After tidying up my house the last couple of days I decided to treat myself to do a little crafting. Ive managed to do another question as pictured left. Q. What was the last brave thing I did? I realise you probably cant see my answer in full but let me explain it. I dont consider that I do brave things but I really do believe that the bravest thing any of us can do is to actually live life. I try to live life as best as I can and as such I do what some would consider brave things on a regular basis. My life completey changed when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer when I was 28 Im now 39 and I have survived that hard time and come out of the other side a better person and try to life a fuller life than Ive ever done. With the passing of Jade my own experience of cancer has been at the forefront of my mind lately, hense why I thought it was relevant to this question. Things could have gone alot differently for me. Surviving it is only the start of it, it would have been so easy to feel sorry for myself and just given up on life but I didnt and Im so glad I didnt.

Take care

T x

Saturday, 28 March 2009

new stash

Well folks its not much but its a post lol Im now on holiday for a week before starting my new job on 6th April. Here is a photo of my new stash I just got yesterday from mad about cards. They have a pound section where everything is £1 its pretty cool, I recommend a peek for sure, just watch your purse lol at those prices its even more tempting than normal. Well, anyway Im off to get some housework done as I promised myself then after that I will do loads of crafting. I will probably feel more inspired with a clean house. I do believe sometimes that if you have a cluttered home this can result in a cluttered mind. And as much as I also believe the housework is not necessarily priority I do think when the house gets too cluttered it bugs me too to the point that I have to clean up before I can craft.
Take care all
T x

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Sorry its been a while.....

......since Ive left a new message. Ive been working so hard, even today is day 8 of a 9 day stint. Work is very busy too right now due to lack of staff so I feel as if Im just treading water and not actually getting anywhere, oh well never mind not long to go till the weekend woo hoo. I dont really have anything of interest to post today either but soon I will have a whole load of craft things with a bit of luck. So hope you all have a good day and I will post something of interest very soon.

T x

Thursday, 12 March 2009

A good crafty two days off

Hi folks, well its back to work today. Ive had a good couple of crafty days off. To the left you will see my question 8 answer for my journalling project Im doing along with a load of other ladies on the docrafts website (link for docrafts on my side panel) this was done yesterday I did question 7 the day before which is featured underneath this post. Yesterday morning before even starting to think about crafting I was in dalkeith with my mum and eldest daughter. We were looking for the summerfield paper people, I found an advert for in scrapbook inspirations. In the mag it did not give an address and forgot to google it before I went. Anyway in an effort to find the place we also found another great craft shop called paper lace actually in Dalkeith itself. It was a great shop and I spend money in both shops. See what I bought in my stash picture placed at the top of this post :) So anyone who lives close enough to Dalkeith I recomment both places and it is a good day out too. The Southfield paper people has bit n pieces (craft shop attached) as well as a little coffee shop. The staff are very friendly and the paper is fantastic. I loved it and would most certainly go back just rememeber you may need double the money as there are two fantastic shops lol Though a little hint how to divide the money. I think the southfield paper people (for the moment at least) is more geared to paper with only a few embelishments but the other place is full of great embelishments and other crafty stuff. But hey why take my word for it, go look for yourselfs Im sure you wont be disappointed. Funny on returning having bought my scrapbook magazine for this month I then open it to find a fuller adver for the southfield place with the address too lol

Anyway enough of me rambling on, take care and if you do go visit Dalkeith let me know what you think. It seemed like a great meeting place for a docrafts people meet :)

Take care
speak soon

T x

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

crafting efforts from yesterday

Above is my march challenge set by scrapbooking nat and gave a list of the following items to be used, March 17th is St. Patrick's Day so..- 4 leaf clovers - you must use flowers/blooms- Leprechauns - you must use the colour green- Rainbow - you must use ribbon (any sort, any colour)- Pot of Gold - you must use something shiny (brads, eyelets etc...) So I decided to try to make this challenge as close to possible to the elements of the challenge list. I used rainbow ribbon and gold matting with gold ribbon so unfortunatley no brads used but I do have a 4 leaf clover made using 4 hearts as the leafs, definately you can see the colour green is used.
Now the story to my memory on this page is that I took my mum out in Edinburgh on the pretence that we were going for a meal to celebrate getting my new job. During the meal it was funny that she mentioned the theatre and how we hadnt managed to get back to see something else (we previously went to see seven brides for seven brothers) so I took this opportunity to suggest we go to the box office and pick up a leaflet seen as it was only 5 mins away from where we were. So after we finished eating we wondered to the theatre I said " oh mum its busy I wonder what is on? oh look its riverdance we had wanted to see that too, how about we join the queue and find out if there are any tickets left on the off chance, of course failing that we could use these......." it was then I produced the tickets from my bag. Her face was a picture and the show was fantastic, I cant beleive I left it so long to go see it. I was absolutely lost in the emotion of that show.

This second picture is off my question no 7 from the 52 Q & A Im involved with on the docrafts website with my fellow docrafters. The question is what would you do if you knew you could not fail? Well as I love musicals that is most definately the first thing I would love to do if I had the chance to do so. Though I have to admit I would jump at the chance if the opportunity arose to do this I would have no fear of failure as I tend to feel the fear and do it anyway :)

So now that you have learnt a little more about me today I shall bid you a tara for now as Im going to get organised to go out to Dalkeith to visit a coffee shop attached to a craft shop I read about in scrapbook inspirations for this month. I will of course let everyone know how I get on and what mischief I get up to.

Take care

T x

Sunday, 8 March 2009

No lazy sunday afternoon for me......

Hi folks Im working again today. I will be heading for a bath so I can get organised to go to work for my backshift. Its snowing again today though its not lying so no photos taken. Here are a couple of cards I have made in the last 24 hours. Im currently working on my march challenge page for docrafts scrapbooking forum. The cards were made in a bit of a rush but I think they turned out quite well considering how quickly I had to make them. Why do folk ask you to do stuff last minute? lol Well, in all fairness I could have said I didnt have the time but I didnt want to let anyone down so I made the time. I hope you like them chat soon

T x

Thursday, 5 March 2009

winter is not done yet!

Well folks it would appear that the snow is not done yet. I was out with my man for a run in a truck yesterday and today it is snowing again. Oh well never mind I dont mind the snow its makes for great photo opportunities. But I have to say Im looking forward to different kinds of photo opportunities such as the spring flowers coming out. In the mean time I will just have to keep clicking away on some beautiful snowy scenes. Im quite pleased with my photo efforts yesterday as we were still moving when I took my photos and they have actually turned out quite well. Maybe I should have put the setting different to have that feeling of movement in the photos. Oh well, I will try that another time. It was very hard to take photos from a moving truck, the truck was quite springy so I was constantly moving, at least in a car the ride is a little smoother, having said that I think this photo is a good one of the road we drove yesterday. Right time to go get organised for work, Im on a backshift today onto an early tomorrow. No rest for the wicked eh? lol

Take care all, thanks for dropping by.

T x

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Morning folks, well here is another nature photo scrapped. I printed a slightly bigger photo and added a small photo of a close up on leaves and fungus added the felt border and some buttons dotted about. I think its simple yet effective. The photo is slotted into the top right and bottom left corner of the matting stripped paper. I like the contrast of the bright green of the main paper and the bright orange and blue stripes of the matting paper behind the photo. I hope all my docraft friends are not fed up seeing the same projects as I upload them into my docrafts gallery too. Well, its my day off today and Im off somewhere special with my mum this evening which Ive organised as a surprise for her :) I hope she is pleased with what I have in mind, of course I will share with you all what happens.

Take care hope you all have a good day.

T x

Monday, 2 March 2009

Hi folks, Im afraid this is just a quick posting. I have been on nights and I woke up later than I had anticipated. It took me a while to unfuzz my head and even then Im not thinking as clearly as i could. I dont like working nights as I really dont cope too well with the lack of sleep. I feel like Im lost in the woods lol hope you like my little pic to the side. It was taken in Palacerigg in Cumbernauld. Well unlike me Im kinda running out of words so I think I will leave it there and catch up again when Im feeling a little more refreshed and up for a better chat.

Hope you are all having fun and I look forward to catching up with you all real soon.

Take care

T x