Thursday, 12 March 2009

A good crafty two days off

Hi folks, well its back to work today. Ive had a good couple of crafty days off. To the left you will see my question 8 answer for my journalling project Im doing along with a load of other ladies on the docrafts website (link for docrafts on my side panel) this was done yesterday I did question 7 the day before which is featured underneath this post. Yesterday morning before even starting to think about crafting I was in dalkeith with my mum and eldest daughter. We were looking for the summerfield paper people, I found an advert for in scrapbook inspirations. In the mag it did not give an address and forgot to google it before I went. Anyway in an effort to find the place we also found another great craft shop called paper lace actually in Dalkeith itself. It was a great shop and I spend money in both shops. See what I bought in my stash picture placed at the top of this post :) So anyone who lives close enough to Dalkeith I recomment both places and it is a good day out too. The Southfield paper people has bit n pieces (craft shop attached) as well as a little coffee shop. The staff are very friendly and the paper is fantastic. I loved it and would most certainly go back just rememeber you may need double the money as there are two fantastic shops lol Though a little hint how to divide the money. I think the southfield paper people (for the moment at least) is more geared to paper with only a few embelishments but the other place is full of great embelishments and other crafty stuff. But hey why take my word for it, go look for yourselfs Im sure you wont be disappointed. Funny on returning having bought my scrapbook magazine for this month I then open it to find a fuller adver for the southfield place with the address too lol

Anyway enough of me rambling on, take care and if you do go visit Dalkeith let me know what you think. It seemed like a great meeting place for a docrafts people meet :)

Take care
speak soon

T x

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