Saturday, 28 March 2009

new stash

Well folks its not much but its a post lol Im now on holiday for a week before starting my new job on 6th April. Here is a photo of my new stash I just got yesterday from mad about cards. They have a pound section where everything is £1 its pretty cool, I recommend a peek for sure, just watch your purse lol at those prices its even more tempting than normal. Well, anyway Im off to get some housework done as I promised myself then after that I will do loads of crafting. I will probably feel more inspired with a clean house. I do believe sometimes that if you have a cluttered home this can result in a cluttered mind. And as much as I also believe the housework is not necessarily priority I do think when the house gets too cluttered it bugs me too to the point that I have to clean up before I can craft.
Take care all
T x


  1. Hi, Love all your new goodies, hope you are able to get lots of nice crafting done. Please can you come & tidy mine, it gets into a mess so quickly I can't keep up with it. Ann x

  2. Hi long time no speak..sorry i been a bit out of sorts with my son...who is unfortunatley isnt getting much better...we are back at docs tomorrow for test results..just wanted to say hi though and enjoy your new stash...Lorsxxx