Thursday, 5 March 2009

winter is not done yet!

Well folks it would appear that the snow is not done yet. I was out with my man for a run in a truck yesterday and today it is snowing again. Oh well never mind I dont mind the snow its makes for great photo opportunities. But I have to say Im looking forward to different kinds of photo opportunities such as the spring flowers coming out. In the mean time I will just have to keep clicking away on some beautiful snowy scenes. Im quite pleased with my photo efforts yesterday as we were still moving when I took my photos and they have actually turned out quite well. Maybe I should have put the setting different to have that feeling of movement in the photos. Oh well, I will try that another time. It was very hard to take photos from a moving truck, the truck was quite springy so I was constantly moving, at least in a car the ride is a little smoother, having said that I think this photo is a good one of the road we drove yesterday. Right time to go get organised for work, Im on a backshift today onto an early tomorrow. No rest for the wicked eh? lol

Take care all, thanks for dropping by.

T x

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  1. Hi hope you are well..i havent been on my blog for a few son got rushed to hospital with appendicitis on monday..he had an op on tues to remove the afflicting appendix and is now at home recovering....your blog is brill...Lorsxxx