Monday, 19 April 2010

Finished at last :)

Well folks, Ive finally finished my very first sewing project. The quilt is of course not full size lol Its actually a wall hanging approx 17 by 12 inches but its all my very own work and Im very very very proud of it. The bears, moon and stars were cut out of felt in individual pieces and all hand sewn. It was a kit I bought at the craft fair in Glasgow in March and definately well worth the money I paid for it. Its by no means perfect but I hope my daughter appreciates it as I made it as a gift for her in celebration of my next grandchild due the beginning of October. I am excited about sharing this with everyone so please enjoy.

till next time

T x

Thursday, 1 April 2010

craft challenge 2010 - April

Here we are now at 1st of April I hope now one has made a fool out of you. Though having said that it mightmake for a great page cause the theme for this month is 'April fool' though with this theme I thought Id add a little compulsory element. For this page needs to be bright colours and ribbon.


Foolish sparkles too you this month

T x