Sunday, 16 December 2012

owl theme

Hello again folks, Ive not posted for a little while due to having to get my essay finished for my post grad cert.  Well its finished at last and Ive been busy trying to make my presents.  Here are a couple Ive been working on.  There is an owl theme going on here.  A crochet owl hat and an owl bag.  Both are my own design.  I hope you like them.  Im well chuffed with how they have turned out. 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

An unexpected perk from an accident........

hi guys

Well,  Ive managed to fall at work and damage my knee :( so Im off for the rest of the week.  Anyway to make the most of my time off work I have been studying and thought I'd make a couple of christmas presents today to break the monotony of studying. 

Ive made a couple of bags both fully lined.  The brown cord was much easier to work with than the natural coloured fleece.  Ive not quite finished them but as always Im eager to share them with my crafting buddies lol It was the first time I have made this bag and it was a bit tricky at times trying to make sure I had everything pinned in the right bit.  Of course I managed to put the front strap on the wrong bit and had to unpick and put in the right bit.  After a bit of huffing and tutting, I finally got there in the end and I think they have turned out not too bad at all even if I do say so myself (phew) I hope the teenager its intended for likes it.  I have yet to sew on a small wooden buckle for the short front strap to go through to shut the bag and Ive a bit of the lining I have to finish sewing (the bit I had to leave to allow me to turn the bag the right way out) All in all Im proud of my efforts.

I think I will give the brown cord to the teenager and leave the other for another of my friends, though not decided who yet.

So here they are and as always please feel free to comment :)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

My new direction

Hi folks, I have been thinking alot about my skills and passions of late.  I have expanded my experience of craft to sewing recently and thoroughly enjoyed it.  This came about as Ive been thinking about my life, what experiences I have had and what Id like to have.  Sewing was something I thought Id try to expand my craft skills.  But I have other skills that I have not really given a chance to develop.  I attended my first creative writing group this evening and I have had a really good night.  I was inspired to write something in 10 minutes, which when I first discovered Id have to write something this evening I really truely did not expect to know what to write.  However, something someone in the group mentioned gave me inspiration.  It was pretty cool to say the least.  My little bit of writing I did was not great but the ideas were there to expand and grow.  So who knows maybe one or two of my posts might be some creative writing.  Of course journaling is a form of creative writing so I have done it within my crafting but Im planning to expand and grow.  Moving up to the highlands has definately been the right move for me.  Its amazing what I have actually done for my wellbeing.  First I started my running by doing the couch to 5k I then began to go mountain biking.  I even went to Holland for a weeks cycling holiday.  That was an amazing holiday.  So here I am posting for the sake of posting.  No photos this time just some of my thoughts and feelings.  Thank you for reading and I hope you get something from this post. 

T x

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Finished Christmas Planner

Well, I spent this evening finishing off my christmas planner and I thought Id share a couple of the photos with you.  Im not sure Ive got enough in it but time will tell.  I put in a pocket page so if I have not put in enough pages I have somewhere I can put in extra if required.  I also put in a couple of envelopes so there is storage for receipts and the likes.  Not sure how practical it is but I guess only time will tell.  The first scheduled in event in my planner is the craft fair   Christmas craft shopping here I come on 26th October :)


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Getting organised for Christmas

I know, I know, some of you are shouting but its not even Halloween.  You see, its like this. Im always leaving things to last minute, almost running out of time to make my christmas cake and forget to make cards and mean to get round to adding the extra little special touches to gifts and things but run out of time.  so this year Im going to get organised.  Now to get organised, I needed to make a Christmas Planner and to have it ready to be planning for Christmas I thought it best to start making it now.  So here is the first stage to getting organised.  Ive made a front page for my Christmas Planner 2012.  I hope to make my own pages and use my bind it all to complete the book.  I have my ideas of what I want my pages to look like but Im always open to ideas, oh yeah and if anyone has any ideas how I can protect my cover from getting ruined as I will be using this book please feel free to comment :)  T x

Thursday, 4 October 2012

new birthday card

Here is the birthday card I have just made for my dad.  It took alot of shuffling and changing my mind of the background colours but I think it turned out not too bad. :) T x

Sunday, 30 September 2012

where's the sun gone???????

Well folks, finally I have set up my new sewing machine and run up something simple but quite effective. My seams are not even at all or whatsoever. It took a bit of fiddling but I finally got there :) Im sooooo looking foward to having more time to do bigger and better projects. Christmas is going to be soooo much fun this year :)

Monday, 24 September 2012

My new books :) two sewing books and two crochet.  Now all I need is time to actually make something from them lol

Thursday, 20 September 2012

I am back :)

Hi to anyone who notices this post.  I am back, bigger and better than ever :)  Today I brought home a very early birthday present from my mum.  thanks mum.  My mum has bought me a, drum roll please............................................... a sewing machine :) its a janome 2050 and I am very excited about using it.  I have only just taken it out of the box, it has not been set up yet.  I think I will leave that till I have more time to actually pay attention to what Im doing.  So watch this space.  Im expanding from just doing paper crafts to sewing projects :)

I look forward to posting photots again speak to you all soon, my busy crafting friends :)