Sunday, 30 September 2012

where's the sun gone???????

Well folks, finally I have set up my new sewing machine and run up something simple but quite effective. My seams are not even at all or whatsoever. It took a bit of fiddling but I finally got there :) Im sooooo looking foward to having more time to do bigger and better projects. Christmas is going to be soooo much fun this year :)


  1. Hi Tan, I left you a HUGE comment, saying how lovely it was to have you back, but sadly it has not appeared :( so here it is again, WELCOME BACK!!! So lovely to see you blogging again, and your sewing projects are just lovely, how fab is that little hat?! I too was bought a sewing machine earlier this year for my Birthday, same make as yours too!! and totally love it!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my blog, I too have been away for a while, but fully intend to get back into blogging more often, and ofcourse crafting too! Really looking forward to seeing more Tan! Suzie xxxx :)

  2. Thanks suzie, Its great to be back. Not sure how often I will have something to post but only time will tell :) T x