Wednesday, 11 March 2009

crafting efforts from yesterday

Above is my march challenge set by scrapbooking nat and gave a list of the following items to be used, March 17th is St. Patrick's Day so..- 4 leaf clovers - you must use flowers/blooms- Leprechauns - you must use the colour green- Rainbow - you must use ribbon (any sort, any colour)- Pot of Gold - you must use something shiny (brads, eyelets etc...) So I decided to try to make this challenge as close to possible to the elements of the challenge list. I used rainbow ribbon and gold matting with gold ribbon so unfortunatley no brads used but I do have a 4 leaf clover made using 4 hearts as the leafs, definately you can see the colour green is used.
Now the story to my memory on this page is that I took my mum out in Edinburgh on the pretence that we were going for a meal to celebrate getting my new job. During the meal it was funny that she mentioned the theatre and how we hadnt managed to get back to see something else (we previously went to see seven brides for seven brothers) so I took this opportunity to suggest we go to the box office and pick up a leaflet seen as it was only 5 mins away from where we were. So after we finished eating we wondered to the theatre I said " oh mum its busy I wonder what is on? oh look its riverdance we had wanted to see that too, how about we join the queue and find out if there are any tickets left on the off chance, of course failing that we could use these......." it was then I produced the tickets from my bag. Her face was a picture and the show was fantastic, I cant beleive I left it so long to go see it. I was absolutely lost in the emotion of that show.

This second picture is off my question no 7 from the 52 Q & A Im involved with on the docrafts website with my fellow docrafters. The question is what would you do if you knew you could not fail? Well as I love musicals that is most definately the first thing I would love to do if I had the chance to do so. Though I have to admit I would jump at the chance if the opportunity arose to do this I would have no fear of failure as I tend to feel the fear and do it anyway :)

So now that you have learnt a little more about me today I shall bid you a tara for now as Im going to get organised to go out to Dalkeith to visit a coffee shop attached to a craft shop I read about in scrapbook inspirations for this month. I will of course let everyone know how I get on and what mischief I get up to.

Take care

T x

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  1. Hi, Did you buy lots at the craft shop, lovely page, by the way, I've been really lazy with my scrapbooking, spending too much time entering card challenges.
    Ann x