Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I want to share a story today instead of a picture

My grandson was visiting me yesterday and I was getting a bit of a cuddle I pursed my lips to give him a kiss and my daughter said give granma a big kiss. So he opened his mouth as babies do and landed a smacker on my lips. Well, my friend who was there regretted not having a camera cause apparently my face was a picture it just lit up. I nearly cried my grandson just melted my heart completely in that moment. Now if I had caputured that moment the layout would have been "unconditional love" Oh how I wish I had that moment captured on camera. Oh well such is life. The moment is forever engraved in my heart and will stay with me for ever.

I thought Id share, hope you enjoyed my story today.


T x


  1. Beautiful story Tania - bet that would have looked wonderful on a LO - but as you say you have the memory forever.
    Sue xx

  2. What a wonderful memory to treasure for always hugs alma x

  3. arh sweet story tan...

    and love your calender page, not done mine yet, as had a bit of a month of it, will let you know when I get it done (and feb too, lol)...

    maria x

  4. Oh Tania, that is just so lovely! As you say, it's captured in your heart forever, and that's the perfect place for it to be :)
    Suzie xxxx :)