Sunday, 14 February 2010

My 40th birthday party

Well folks here it is the long awaited proof that I did have my 40th birthday party in February even though I turned 40 in December so now I guess I will have to admit to being 40 lol
The first photo is a group photo of everyone who turned up in fancy dress, not a bad turn out I thought. Can you guess who the guy in the front is ment to be? He did have a body warmer on (life preserver, a clue) lol


  1. Wonderful photos Tania and doesn't the little one look cute!
    Sue xx

  2. Lovely photos Tania - it looks like a great
    party! More birthday sparkles for you sweetie...40 eh, you kept that quiet back in December lol!
    Sue x

  3. omg that looks such a laugh!

  4. It was a great laugh and my little skunk was soooo cute he only stayed for a little while. You must have been asleep when I mentioned that I was turning 40 in december sue lol cause Im pretty sure I mentioned it on the forum.

    T x

  5. Lovely pics, next time I want to come, too!!

  6. Belated happy birthday Tania! Looks like you had a wonderful time!
    Suzie xxxx :)