Monday, 1 February 2010

Craft challenge 2010 - February

Here it is folks the second month in our 2011 calendar and the first time posting on the 1st of the month.

The theme for February is obvious as Valentines day falls on 14th February but after some research Ive found that Valentines day actually comes from Roman times so rather than the usual 'love' theme Id give it a bit of a twist.

The theme for February is 'roman love' I will leave it up to you to decide what roman love is........ here are some handy hints

why not try some white and gold colouring in this page

romans were quite opulent so why not use lots of bling in this page

I hope you enjoy this months challenge

Roman sparkles

T x


  1. Thank you for the second theme Tania...good one! Ive not done my first page yet..but I have got as far as gathering my resources to 'construct' my calendar and its next on my to-do list!
    Sue x

  2. Great theme Tania! Like Sue it's on my to do list!lol
    Sue xx

  3. thanks tania, sorry iv not done my first yet but it will be done soon.
    love the theme.
    can we see yours tan, or is it in your gallery on dc forum?
    hugs gina xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. My january page is still a work in progress (oops lol) but as soon as Ive done my pages (I will do jan and feb this month) I will post them on here. I will catch up soon. I got distracted with a couple of other layouts.

    T x