Thursday, 28 January 2016

My first Art along with The Art Sherpa

Hi Folks

I thought I would share with you all my first adventure into art along.  I follow a talented artist Cinnamon Cooney, otherwise known as The Art Sherpa and can be found here on Youtube.  She is very vibrant and funny and enjoyable to watch.  Her videos are long, however, that is necessary for what she is trying to achieve.  She shows you every step of the way in real time in order to let you art along with her, you can pause at anytime if you feel you need extra time to catch up.  Alternatively as I have done, you can watch first (I like to do this when she is live and have her playing in the background while I am making and eating my tea usually due to the time difference) and then watch a second time and art along. I have a few videos of Cinnamons saved as I have watched and thought "hmmm Id like to try that canvas" of course as always life has gotten in the way.  Until now.  I am about to share with you my very first canvas art along using acrylics.  My journey back into art started with art journaling.  I figured there was a lot of stencil using and stamping and so I did not have to actually rely on my drawing skills.  Little did I know that I would be lured back to using, what I thought were my non existent drawing skills.  They are certainly not non existent now.  I am doing more and more and improving each day and loving it.


This first photo is the stage I got my picture to before I decided it was far too late at night and I actually needed to get some sleep before I made a mistake lol It was looking good and I really did not want to ruin my hard work because I was too tired.  It was after midnight (embarrassed face lol) I had gotten so engrossed in what I was doing I did not notice how late it was.  So I got some sleep and the following day added my silhouette...............
Oh my a Dragon has flown into my canvas quick run for your life :) lol
This was such an easy tutorial I truly believe anyone can have a go.  The best part is this video features a newbie guest, Ian otherwise known as the offkilter crafter and can be found here , painting along too.  Why not click here and see for yourself.  This particular episode was sooo soooo funny it had me truly laughing out loud. 
Thanks for reading, take care everyone
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