Sunday, 17 January 2010

A crafty sunday afternoon

Here we are again. Ive been crafting with a friend who wishes to remain anonymous due to the fact my friend is male and is afraid he is now turning gay. It took us all afternoon and it was such a good laugh. My friend is an engineer and so likes to have straight lines and likes to have shapes placed in a geometric fashion. So it was fun trying to show him it can still look good squint lol, though we did place most shapes with clean lines but placed the ribbon squint :) The photo is mine, and the page will be placed in last years a year in the life of me book. This is a photo of the celtic roundhouse I went to with some biker friends of mine in November and had a fantastic time.

Thanks for taking a peek take care, sparkles

T x


  1. ROFL - didn't realise crafting made you gay!
    A fab LO Tania - interesting picture and techniques.
    Sue xx

  2. Great LO you and your friend did there, the roundhouse looks cool.

  3. A lovely page Tania, and Im glad you had such a lovely crafty day!
    Sue x

  4. lovely LO tania...

    well done the two of you...

    maria x

  5. What a fab lo its interesting crafting with someone who has such strict rules they want to follow you did very well together Is he hooked yet?

  6. Another lovely layout Tania! Great to have a crafty friend too!
    Suzie xxxx :)