Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A new chapter 2010

Its 6 days into the new year already. Ive done quite a few things but not all have photos. The photos on this post are from a walk I took along the canal near to my home. The top image is of me and MacDuff walking along the canal path.
This photo is me walking actually on the forth and clyde canal, it was frozen solid.

This image was taken on the walk home from my daughters flat, where we stopped off for a little while. It was nice to see my daughter and grandson. I really dont stop in at her flat often enough. This is something I will try to rectify this year. The structure you can see just in the background behind those trees is Falkirk Wheel which joins the forth and clyde canal with the union canal.

What a lovely sunset, again this image was taken on the walk home. Though I have to say the camera has not really done it justice but it does give an idea of how lovely it was. So what else have I done I here you ask. Well, I have made plans to go and see James Toselands (moto GP rider) band crash in Glasgow in April. Ive made more plans to go on a camping trip to Skye in May and Ive been out to the pictures to see the film nine which is not as great as I thought it would be but it was good. Best of all though I actually made a bigger effort to not go out looking like a sack of tatties lol I had my hair all done and my make up on (Im not used to wearing make up as I rarely wear it) This is all part of my new year plans to have a better life. Im going out tonight to meet my biker friends in the pub, I will of course make another conscious effort and then back to the pictures to see sherlock holmes. Ive got to get back into the swing of using my unlimited card I have to get into the cineworld as many times as I like for a small monthly fee. Its great once you only have to go about twice in a month and that is the card paid for but if you go more that is then free so to speak :)
Enough ramblings for today I think I will come back soon and post again, another of my promises to do things I want to do :) This will be fun to look back on and see what Ive been up to and how Ive changed.
Take care T x


  1. Some wonderful pics there! I need to brave the snow and get some teabags and food!

  2. Great photos Tania.
    And well done on starting the New Year as you mean to go on!
    Sue xx

  3. great photos tania...

    and well done on starting 2010 how you mean to go on, will look forward to reading all about it...

    maria x

  4. Beautiful pictures, Tania, glad you are enjoying the snow with McDuff, my dog always loved snow. Have a good year!

  5. gorgeous photos tan, and well done with a plan for this year. i really hope you can do them all and more.
    you go girl.
    gina xxxxxx