Friday, 30 September 2016

How the Jane Davenport book Beautiful Faces influenced my last two faces of the 29 faces challenge

Hi folks in todays post are my final pictures for the 29 faces.  As a couple of the faces have been influenced by Jane Davenport, who I discovered online, I talk a little bit about her influence on me, including my opinion of her book Beautiful Faces. If you have any questions please ask in the comments below. If you are someone who has also been influenced by Jane Davenport, I would love to hear about it in the comments.  I am also interested in any other influences others have in the world of creativity, why not share who influences you in the comments.

I have been taking part in the 29 faces art challenge which finished on 29th September.  Here are the final 4 faces I have completed for this challenge.

"let go of perfection"

ink and alcohol markers 

watercolour and prismacolor pencil

prismacolor pencil

The last 2 faces were a follow these instructions activity contained with in the Jane Davenport book Beautiful Faces. As seen here on my desk. 

I bought this book about a year ago on Amazon.  I dip in and out of it whenever I need a little boost to my creative mojo.  You may have heard that it is "bad" to copy.  Well, of course there are copyright rules and you would want to follow these.  This is a large topic and I will not be going into the details right now. Essentially, you are not allowed to reproduce another persons work without permission, whether that be art or photographs or even writing.  You might now be asking how do I find a reference to draw from.  Well the solution is to either take your own photographs or you can always go to paint my photo and find a reference photo there. For the purpose of my post today the book invites you to follow the instructions so I would like to thank Jane Davenport and her book for giving me the instructions and inspiring me to produce work that is not an exact copy but is clearly influenced by her work.  

This book has an information section and activity on pretty much all types of media known.  There are clear instructions on how to draw a face at any angle and focuses in on each of the individual features of a face.  Although the style of art in this book is primarily whimsical, there is also some instruction on what a realistic face proportions are.  It is a very good book and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in drawing and painting faces, particularly whimsical faces.  

The book has not been the only influence.  I first found Jane on YouTube where she has a number of art lesson videos.  These are a great introduction to the media she is demonstrating.  The downside is to learn more you need to buy her art classes.  The only classes I have experienced so far are the classes Jane has done for Lifebook2016 ( by Willowing arts) These lessons were such an inspiration I just got out my supplies and began arting along.  Not all classes do this for me. Taking more of her  classes is on my to do list.  

Thank you for visiting.  I would love to hear what your influences are, so why not leave me a comment. 


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