Sunday, 11 September 2016

Day 11 of the 29 Faces 2016 Challenge

Hi folks, I am thinking even I have outdone myself this time and it will be difficult to top todays offering.  I have managed to do three faces in one project and reviewed 3 types of pencils in the process, Polychromos, Prismacolor and Spectrum Noir. First will be a written explanation of my drawings and if you continue to scroll down you will find a video if you would rather watch my demonstration.

This first sketch is using prismacolor.  The camera has not picked up the sketch very well (sorry) Although it is difficult to see in the photograph (this happens with all pencil sketches) I am happy to report that using this pencil to sketch was a joy.  It was very smooth.  When I was sketching with a light touch it laid down light pigment increasing in intensity when pressure increased.  

Next I sketched with polychromos (by faber castell).  The second face is a little more difficult to see but this is more to do with the different colour I chose to sketch with.  For demonstration purposes in the future I will be more careful what colour I use.  However,  again, like the prismacolor, these pencils are a joy to sketch with.  They allow for lighter touches increasing in intensity of colour the harder you press down on the paper.  

The third sketch, which is even more difficult to see, is spectrum noir.  Even allowing for it being a different colour I used from the Prismacolor and polychromos sketch, it is definitely the lightest pigmented pencil.  I found it usable to sketch with.

Colouring with prismacolor pencils I found really a really good experience.  This is only the second drawing I have done with my new purchase.  The colour is highly pigmented and went onto the paper very well.  The colours layer well.

Colouring with the polychromos was, as it always is, a joy.  The pencils lay down colour very well as with the prismacolor.  The polychromos also layer well.  I had to use raw umber helioblue and Mauve to create the dark colour for her pupils as I do not own a black polychromos pencil. 

Colouring with the spectrum noir required a little more work to lay the colour down.  However over all they performed well and I am sure you agree the end result is pleasant enough.  The colours are definitely lighter and they layer to a point but not as well as the prismacolor or polychromos pencils.  

All in all I could not really ""fault" any of the pencils from this project.  The spectrum noir require a little more work to get a good result but you can get a good result.  They are the slightly cheaper pencil so it maybe more cost effective for someone on a lower budget. For me personally I prefer the prismacolor and polychromos over the spectrum noir.  I cannot based on todays picture seperate my two favourites.  However, perhaps in time I will find I gravitate towards one or the other.  


I hope you have found this useful and have enjoyed these particular faces for the 29 faces challenge.  I must ask the organiser Ayala arts if this counts as another 3 of my 29 faces rather than just one lol I do plan to do a more indepth swatch type review of all the pencils in the future so watch out for that one.  If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see me demonstrate next, or questions, why not put it in the comments below and I will do my best to answer them.  Thank you till next time T x


  1. Loved your video and the comparison of the pencils! Beautiful sketch!

  2. Thank you. I really appreciate you have taken the time to comment. I am so glad you liked my project and video and hope you will come back again sometime soon T x