Saturday, 10 September 2016

Day 10 of the 29 faces challenge

Good morning from Scotland.  It is 10.32am as I type this post.  I have woken up and had my breakfast in the knowledge that I have already worked on todays face.  For once I am not playing catch up.  Yesterday as I said in my previous post I was waiting on a parcel.  This parcel was a pack of 72 prismacolor pencils.  Of course I really wanted to try them right away lol Well by the time I got round to having time to use them it was late at night so I had a bit of a drawing session in bed before going to sleep around 2am, oooops, so a  little tired today but so worth it.

This is not a drawing that fully tests my new pencils.  It was late when I drew this face, that's my excuse and I am sticking to it lol.  It was drawn initially in one of the many grey shades then I added a little colour to the eyes and the lips.  The only colour used on the face was a little lilac/purple in the shading.  The rest is a couple of grey shades.   The drawing is not fully complete but I like her just the way she is, so I will probably leave her as is.  I do want to put all my pencils through their paces though, so watch this space for a review of all the pencils I own, which are now prismacolor, polychromos and spectrum noir.  That should be an interesting testing session :) Thanks for stopping by hope you come back again sometime soon T x

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