Thursday, 8 September 2016

Day 8 of 29 Faces 2016 challenge

Hi folks.  Thank you for stopping by.  Today I thought I would just let go of my need for perfect art and collage a face on an art journal page.  Art is not always about producing pretty pictures.  It is also just simply great fun to create and not worry about whether or not it is a perfect piece.  We could all do with creating like we did as children and that is simply for the joy.  Here is how I did it.  If you continue to scroll down you will also find at the bottom of this page you will find a link to a video of my process.

After completing a background using pans pastels and gesso (which can be seen in my YouTube video) I cut out the shape of a face and collaged it onto the page using golden gel medium.  Then I added just the top lip cut out from a darker shade of paper than used for the face.

I decided to be completely different and chose to collage a yellow paper for the neck and pink with white poker dots for the hair.  So far so good.

To finish I used a faber castell pitt pen to loosely sketch her eyes and nose, a posca white pen for her eyes and highlights and whispers water soluble pens to shade on the face lips hair and neck.  

As I was finishing the journal page I realised.  I had stuck her lips on too high and attempted to change it slightly by using more shadowing to make her face look smaller.  However, in the end I decided that I was trying to be too perfect again.  This page had been about just letting go and doing something completely different and fun.  So in conclusion, the secret to fun is...........To let go of perfection.  For those of you who would like to view my video please click on the picture below.  Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you have found it useful to see that we all have days where we think our art is no good.  But there is no such thing as bad art.  It is all good fun :)