Thursday, 6 October 2016

How to let go of the need for perfection using art journaling

How do you let go of the need for perfection? After doing so many faces and many of them I was attempting to get life like I became a little focused on perfecting my art work.  I decided I needed to let go of my need for perfection.  So here is how I did it. By playing with the concept of abstract in my art journal so I did not need to worry about perfection. In life not just art,it is very easy to get bogged down in needing what we do to be "just right".  Even the reason behind me making this video brought out my inner critic.  As this video was for a YouTube collaboration with other artists, my inner critic was telling me that I had to do a really good bit of art to not look out of place in this group of artists.  For some reason my inner critic (we all have one) was telling me that in order to be noticed/liked/succeed in this collaboration what I did had to be "amazing" Sound familiar???.  So when I noticed my inner critic was telling me my art is not good enough if it is not perfect, it was time for me to silence it, to let go and just have some fun.  For me that meant ignoring my inner critic, not thinking too much about what colours I used, or what brush stroke I used, or even whether or not I blended the paint in, worked a treat.  This journal page is beginner friendly so why don't you watch how I did it and try for yourself.

This is a very short post today.  If what I have said today resinates for you why not leave me a message, we can chat some more about it. You can tell me your thoughts on the matter or ask any question you have.  Either way it would be nice to hear from you all.  Although this video is part of a video hop, it does show how I let go of my need for perfection, if you feel like this is too fast and you would like a slower more in depth version please let me know. I hope you take a peek at the video, checking out all the other video hop artists is optional, though I will say it can be fun. If you have any questions just ask.  Take care T x

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