Thursday, 19 March 2015


Hi folks,

Here I am sharing a photo of my latest colour pencil drawing.  I thought I had better expand from draying just the face to the full figure.  I am reasonably happy with this next sketch.  I will need to take my time a little more and focus on the detail perhaps.  Maybe get the colours looking a little less like pencil and blend a bit more.  I am still very new to the colour pencil as a tool so I may not even be doing it right.  The spectrum noirs are advertised as being blendable but so far I am not seeing much blending going on.  Perhaps I need a blending fluid or they do a blending pencil perhaps it is time to invest in a blending pencil.  I shall do some more investigating on this one I think.  Anyway here is the picture.

I admit I think I have done better in terms of colour but not a bad first attempt at a full figure.  I used the draw simple shapes and angles then draw round them and erase lines no longer required technique.  The pencil I was using for drawing was not sharp enough to get the finer detail but I will work on that at a later date :) The practise I have been doing will go towards the art journal page I am working on.  I have a plan to use colour pencils to work on my page.  So I want to be a little better at using colour pencils before I attempt the next layer to the page :) So watch this space :)
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