Saturday, 14 March 2015

documented life project week 8

Well I have finally got round to posting this finished page lol This is the documented life project 21st February 2015 I have really began to embrace the concept of letting go and unleashing my raw creativity.  It is amazing what can be achieved once you get your page past that ugly stage, I have found that every page actually has one lol. The art challenge was repeating elements. The prompt was it's worth repeating.  I had a number of different ideas in my head and not one of them is on the finished product lol I started off with promarkers on the full background, in greens of varying shades some slightly bluer.  Then I sprayed dylusions ink.  The marker meant the ink just sat on top of the page (lesson learnt), however I thought of a cunning plan.  I decided to try something I had seen on youtube tutorials a couple of times here and there.  I put gesso on top again and used an old store card to spread it.  I really loved the effect.  It was lovely and smooth with no brush strokes (not that there is anything wrong with brush strokes) I just needed to try something different.  Well, this was certainly different.  The ink coloured the gesso a lovely green/blue colour.  What was left I wiped off onto another journal I had handy. I then saw some circle shapes and thought oooh they look like balloons in the sky.  I drew them on initially with a fine tip pen.  I then thought about a park and kids playing with bubbles.  The bubbles are a repeat element as well as the balloons.  Then I realised the bubbles where going over all the balloons and I wanted some bubbles to go to the back and brought the balloons to the front by decoupage :) It was not until this dried I then saw fish swimming, the wrong direction of course but none the less I saw them.  I did not change the page at this stage as I was committed to balloons.  I then drew on a small figure soaring high in the sky and balanced the page out with some stamped butterflies and dragonflies.  So anyway I hope you enjoy the page, perhaps I will try a repeat of the process and go with the fish the next time :)  thanks for stopping by T x

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