Friday, 6 March 2015

Not a bad haul for a days work lol.........

Today I was at the SECC in Glasgow at the craft show It includes both papercraft stalls and sewing stalls.  However, this year was a big disappointment.  There was even less stalls there than the last March show. Everyone was crammed into one hall and there was hardly any space to move, I was very irritated by this and left the hall early to have lunch then went back when I was in a better frame of mind lol, I think I needed my lunch.  Of course I still managed to spend a great deal of money :) as I was not  so much disappointed in the stalls that were there, just the show organisers and the show organisers.  I still loved what they had to offer, I just do not think it is worth the £7 parking fee and £9.50 fee to get in any more.  I have also just noticed that there is a whole £1 off for seniors wooptydoo.  That is appalling.  I did not realise that.  I did get given a flyer for another papercrafts show that is in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.  I may go along and see what that is like in the Edinburgh one.  See photos below for details as I have taken a picture of my flyer :)

 for further details here is the sincerely yours shows link

Thanks for popping by and reading my rant about the show today :)

T x


  1. Nice Haul Tania! Love it all, especially those stencils! Wish we lived closer so that I could borrow them from time to time, lol.

  2. You bought lots of goodies in spite of it all, enjoy! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies. Yeah I bought lots of goodies Valerie and I have started experimenting with it already. Watch this space for a blog post :)