Monday, 16 March 2015

documented life project 28th February

Hi folks,

I am almost there.  I am almost caught up with the weekly challenge.  Here is my page for the DLP 28th February

The art challenge was - using at least 5 layers
the prompt was - give me a high five

I am rather pleased with this one.  As I have taken one more step to just letting go and letting my creativity loose :) 
The rhyming verse is mine (yeah I know its cheesy but I don't care lol).  Just go with the flow, get ink, paint, water & throw.  I am 5 again don't you know, go on have a go :) Now I see from my picture I had forgotten to put the & on the page at this point but rather than muck about and get another photo I decided to leave it and post this picture anyway.    The story behind the verse was that I had been chatting to another journaler friend of mine on facebook and I happen to say letting go and throwing the colour about on this page was like being 5 again and that's when it hit me.  I instinctively chose the age 5 and that was part of the prompt for this page and so the verse was born. 
Thanks for stopping by
T x

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