Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Still not focused but getting there..........

Hi Folks

I have changed my mind about using the folder and individual pages to do the original documented life project I am making an attempt at creating my first page and I feel the page is not really big enough.  This page is still in progress but already I am not keen on the smaller A5 size.  As I was working on the page I realise it is not really big enough to fit what I imagined the page to look like.

Also a special message to Val I have not used the envelope of yours I found on this page as I had already started it when I came across the envelope.  I will use it in my big art journal (when it arrives) which I bought it from here    I know many people prefer to start off small but for some reason I am much better with a bigger page first then go on to do smaller pages.  It was the same when I started out scrapbooking, I got on much better on a 12x12 page than a smaller page.  It was not until I had become more comfortable with what I was doing I moved on to smaller 6x6 pages.  (thought for today - "I have not created a scrapbook page for a while hmmmmm NO!!!!!! I have got to stay focused lol I will do another scrapbook page, just not right now.  I have an art journal to begin............mmmmm I might even try smashbooking.......ooops there I go again off on a tangent, does anyone else do this? lol............ besides, I also have a printer to fix before I can print out my photos again).  Anyway I digress as usual lol.  Plus, the more I watched the progress of the artists who are setting the challenge, the more I wanted to use the same size book they were.  So long story short I have decided to carry on altering the folder but use it for something else.   *light bulb moment* perhaps I could try using it for a smashbook or go back to my original idea of a planner (though in hindsight I think I would prefer a smaller, fit in my bag, size :).  My other thought for this morning - "I wonder if I can get my grandkids into art journaling".  I am sure they will love the freedom of expression.  Now I know what to get them all for the birthdays and christmas for years to come lol Well, on that fantastic note I am away to research what is the best and safest art supplies for children as well as the best art journaling book for them to do art journaling :) oh I am going to have sooooooo much fun with my grandchildren this year ;), oh, I better invest in a huge protector cover for the floor under the table :) tee hee

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  1. Love your first page! I prefer to work large, too, mostly A3, I always find it harder to fit things into smaller pages. I am sure your grandkids would love art-journaling! Hugs, Valerie