Friday, 30 January 2015

experimental art journal page

This page is not a documented life page.  I have decided to use a old note book and upcycle it as an art journal book so I can use some of my art stuff and experiment with techniques and discover what works and what doesn't work with the cheap stuff I have bought. I do not have a step by step photo shoot with this page.  But what I cant tell you is I used pva glue to stick two pages together to thicken the page then used Gesso to undercoat the pages and then used watercolour pencils for the background.  I tried the cheap oil pastels I bought and also used mod podge to attach the paper hearts to see if it is as rubbish as I have been reading lately.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  It has dried ok and not left a sticky coat.  So perhaps I didn't layer it on too much or it has dried well enough.  I then used my promarker pens to highlight the stuck on hearts.  I do not use these pens enough. I certainly paid enough for them so really need to use them more.

My fingers are in the bottom left side as I had to keep the book open, this book has a tendency to want to close itself lol Its a little pink and girlie for my specific tastes but that is ok, I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone with this.  The word Love was written with the square side to the promarker pen but the other writing was a sharpie pen. 

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  1. Lovely pages. Well done on pushing yourself out of your comfort zone! Hugs, Valerie