Thursday, 8 January 2015

my next piano installement and pondering session.

As I continue to attempt to learn to play the piano, it becomes very clear that I cannot do too many things at once.  This month has been about trying to identify what is important to me in my life and to be honest I think I have been trying to do too much in the month of January.  I am learning the piano, knitting socks for the homeless and sewing a kids quilt for charity to name but a few.  Now as much as these are all fun things to do, it is hard to get the time to do all three, particularly with working full time too.  I find if I do the sewing or knitting my piano playing goes back a step.  If I do my piano practice I feel bad I am not working on the charity quilt I promised myself I would get finished this month (it is still winter and it would be helpful for someone in the winter more than in the summer) On top of all this I have some work to do to my house I am selling in the highlands.  So I have discovered, focus is the most important to me in my life right now.  Well, this is an answer to my what's important to me? I did not expect.  I thought it would be family or something similar.  Having said that,  I have always known family is important to me so it is not something I needed to figure out right enough lol So how do I get more focus in my life?  Well, I am going to try scheduling a little better so I do not over stretch myself with all the things I am doing this month. setting times for each task and sticking to them.  I will also have to schedule in some running or similar or I will become unfit again ooops lol oh and of course I need to schedule in time to type posts for my blog :)
here are the socks I have already finished and I am working on a second pair, hope to be finished soon.


I best get on with formulating a decent schedule :)

bye for now thanks for stopping by


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  1. HI Tania, thanks for visiting my blog, and good to see you again! Those socks look wonderful. Good luck with your piano playing and a happy and healthy New year for you and yours! Hugs Valerie