Friday, 23 January 2015

Finished Journal page

This is not the first page in the documented life project but it is the first page completed.  I have the first challenge background done but it is not finished.  I am over thinking things so decided to leave it and complete the second challenge.  So here it is.  It is a little basic but I was just playing around with techniques to be honest.  I am not completely happy with the finished result but that is ok, I have learned a few things along with way.  Week 2 of the documented life project - The art challenge part was Gesso and the journal prompt was "the beginning is always today"- Mary Shelley  So for the Gesso part of the challenge I had been looking at the ways a lot of people use Gesso and one was to create resistance so you could have a pattern revealed after wiping off paint or ink.  So I used the Gesso to create patterns on the paper.  I used the one and only stencil I have to put pattern down on the page in several areas, there are small flowers in the pattern so I then created bigger flowers using the Gesso and put on the blue and red colour with Acrylic paint.  The swirls were also done using Gesso and wiping away method.  I am not completely happy with the swirls they could have looked better but again, I am not worrying over it as I was experimenting with the Gesso.  This is all very new to me.  I have done painting and I have used oil pastels and I have done scrapbook art journal pages in the 52 week challenge but I have not really done mixed media art journaling until now. 

I am not sure when I will finish the first challenge page so I have decided last minute to share it with you today, unfinished.

 Week 1 documented life project - The art challenge for this page was book paper, so I used a variety of book paper including a printed paper designed for scrapbooking as it had lovely colours and text, to cover the pages.  I then put on an edging of burnt umber and wiped off using a baby wipe to give the antique look then I added colour once the page had dried, the colour seems to have gotten a little lost.  I then used dylusion spray ink (turquoise) and my newly acquired stencil.  I accidentally dropped some ink off the stencil as I was taking it off the page.  As I did not want the big blob of ink on the page I decided to run the end of a brush through it to give it more pattern to it.  I was definitely happier with the pattern than the blob of ink lol so I added a little more ink to the page to even it up a little.  I have just lost the inspiration as to what I am doing with the prompt element of it which is "be your own goal keeper"  I do have a quote in mind to use and will be adding my goals for the year however it is the technique of how to apply them I am unsure about.  So I decided to leave it for now and go back to it later, I find this helps to clear my mind and give me an inspiration moment.  I am currently working on the third challenge which I was inspired by two different pages.  When I share my own page I will share who inspired me.  So for now I will say thank you for reading my post.  Watch this space for new posts, I plan to post once a week on a specific day, which I will announce when I decide, what is the best schedule. 


  1. I love what you have made, good idea using the gesso resist. Keep having fun, hugs, Valerie