Friday, 9 January 2015

new schedule

ok folks here is yet another twist to my plan to schedule more.  After reading an inspirational post I have decided to use an art journal to focus my efforts more.  It was the idea of a planner that resulted in me heading to the high street to have a look for a nice journal to alter.  However, I got a little frustrated that I could not find what I really wanted so I decided to buy raw material to make what I wanted.  So here is the beginning of my journal. The folder pictured is an A5 size so not a bad size to make an art journal

 I will alter and add to it as time goes on :) and will get inspiration from the original documented life life project.  I have made a start on the book paper page :) Of course this now means I will have to search through all the boxes I packed of my craft stash and look out more supplies to continue making my own art journal :) This Art Journal, when complete, will be a years compilation of proof life is awesome which ties in with my new year plan for 2015 So far my posts have been random and I have posted when I felt like it. I plan to put some scheduling in so my posts are a bit more evenly spaced and more routine in an effort to stop my life being quite so chaotic lol  Of course I will have to learn how to do that again lol, it has been a while I also hope to evolve my blogging to make my posts a little more exciting to read

Thank you for stopping by T

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  1. Have fun with your journal and art journaling! I am looking forward to seeing it! Hugs, Valerie