Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Tuesday 22nd December

Today is my 40th Birthday. My family took me for my lunch. The picture above is me arriving at the hotel. It was a very good afternoon with my family for sure. For starters I had pate with oatcakes (they always give you heaps of pate but not enough oatcakes lol) for my main course I had chicken and haggis with a mustard sauce, and for pudding christmas pudding :)
Here is me with my grandson SJ he was finding that cracker very tastey lol

Here is my birthday cake my daughter organised with her best friend Kelly.

Here is of course me cutting my cake.
For presents my mum gave me a sat nav and my daughters gave me a watch and pendant set it was lovely. My cards were hand made from my daughters too. If I remember I will take photos and post photos of my cards.
Anyway thats about it for today. Im thinking I may just brave going back out one more time tonight to go to tesco and get some food in before its too late lol
winter sparkles
T x

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