Thursday, 31 December 2009

30th December

On my days off now woo hoo. I came home from work and had a shower and have attempted to stay up all day to go to my bed at night to get back into the real world instead of the night time world that is nightshift lol Well, my friend Ian came over and took me and Arran to lunch that was nice. We went into town and I spent my voucher for boots I got from my dad for my christmas. I have bought a bottle of ghost perfume called cherish, its a nice light fragrance suitable for day wear and I also bought a new set of eyeshadows. Yeah its not exactly exciting but necessary. This goes along with my promise to myself, that Im going to be kinder to myself. Well, I dont normally buy nore wear make up but I decided to buy some due to the fact that the make up I do have currently is mostly out of date so Im buying some more. This way I can make more of an effort when I fancy a little boost. I dont like heavy make up but a little eyeshadow goes along way when you need a confidence boost.

I did manage to stay up most of the day but it kinda failed when I feel asleep on the couch at tea time. Of course now Im wide awake and its 2 am on 31st December :( Oh well I shall be partying into the night tonight anyway then back on nightshift on Saturday so maybe getting back into being awake during the day is not such a good idea.

Winter sparkles

T x

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