Wednesday, 16 December 2009

15th December

What can I say about the 15th? hmmm well, I had a very long lie to get ready for my nightshift. Its going to be a little harder to stay orientated to what day it is when on nights. Im going to have to try extra hard to remember what I did if in fact I did anything other than sleep lol I have made a decision on what costume Im going to wear to my fancy dress party Im organising for my 40th Birthday. Although my birthday is 22nd December I thought it better to make the party in the January, most people have other plans so close to christmas so its difficult to get people to come to a party at that time. So my party is on 8th January and the theme is fantasy Sci Fi Ive decided to go as a fairy queen, this is soooo me cause my name Tania comes from the russian name Titania meaning fairy queen sooo ergo its the perfect costume for me. My mum of course is going as the fairy queen mum lol Well, what else could she go as? lol

Until next time, lots of winter sparkles

T x

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