Saturday, 12 December 2009

11th December

Well today was my final work day for the week, woo hoo. I got myself home quick and jumped into the shower and got ready to go out to a rock night in Methilhill. What a good night I had. It is always really good to get together with my best friend Pam. Pity I didnt have my camera with me. Oh well never mind. I didnt get home until well after 3am in the morning. I had gone back to Pams house after we got kicked out of the pub. The journey driving home was rather scary. It was icy fog and I could not see more than a few feet in front of the car. I could not put the high beam on as it just bounced back off the fog making visibility worse. I was also soooo tired my concentration was not at its best. But I made it home safely and climbed into bed and was out like a light and did not wake up again until 11.30am.

T x


  1. Great night out Tania!
    Sue xx

  2. im glad you had a great night tania, and even more glad you got home safely.
    gina xxxxxxxx