Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Why is it????.........

.......When you are expecting a really nice parcel in the post he/she turns up in the afternoon when you are out and you have to wait until the next day to pick up your parcel from your local post office?
Also, why can you try on one item of clothing in one size and another you need to get a bigger size. I never know whether to pick up 12 or 14 when Im out shopping for clothes. I was in next and I bought some really nice things but for one top I had to purchase a 14 and 2 other tops I needed a 12. Then I went into river island to come out feeling miserable about my weight cause everything I tried on was too tight including a top at a 14 and I refuse point blank to buy a bigger size than 14 I know its a psychological thing but arrrrgggg its not good for ones self esteem to have to buy 2 sizes bigger than you actually are. And those stupid mirrors show all your flaws, oh yeah and its not the best idea to go just off a nightshift I looked even worse in those mirrors. God I was looking old. Oh well, I will just have to not look in those stupid mirrors any more, cause I did buy some really nice stuff that looks great on me :)
Rant over hope everyone who reads this is having a good day so far.
T x

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  1. chi up, it was their lost with the clothes not yours....

    and yes I always miss the parcels too...

    maria x