Thursday, 26 February 2009

My crafting afternoon

Hi Guys, here is the results of my crafting afternoon. Smile, is of course an old school photo of me aged 13. This brings back memories as I really was never a girlie girl though my choice of colours might contradict that statement. I was always one of the lads and liked to play football and stuff. I never had my tie done up to my neck I hated the chocked feeling. Im rather pleased with the results of this, particularly as the photo is a copy of a scanned smaller picture. My page is 8x8 and the first of a new project Ive got on the go. Im going to put all the school photos of my family in an 8x8 album including my dad and mum. It should be an interesting project.

This is my answer no. 6 It is done using much of my own writing even though I dont think my writting ever looks that good. Its basic message is that if we go back in an effort to change our lifes would it make ours or those we have touched any better? What makes us who we are is our lessons learnt from our experiences so we change those experiences and we become different people. Therefore although I think there are things I would like to have done differently if I had I may not have found myself where I am today. Its not always the best life I have but it is my life and I choose who I have in it and share it with. Besides how could I know Im experiencing the feelings of joy and excitement and all the other good feelings if I was unaware of what the bad feelings were? Doesnt a small gesture from our freinds make us feel so much better when we are feeling low? Would we experience the same depth of feeling if we were feeling happy? hmmm all interesting questions dont you think? This post is getting a little deep so perhaps I should round it off there and let your imagination run away a little.

Take care

T x


  1. Hi tania i know exactly what you mean about how our lives came to be as they are..i too often find myself asking those questions...what would i have done differently...obviously i love and adore my kids so they arent in that equation...but it does make me wonder...have a good away back to bed as ive only had 2n half hours sleep this morning, and im back working nightshift again soon..take care....Lorsxxxx

  2. great L/O and sounds a fab project with the school album...

    and great answer for your tag...

    maria x

  3. A wonderful page Tania, and the journalling is fab! Your blog is looking SO cool!
    Sue x