Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Good morning folks, Im not long home from a night shift. Im feeling pretty tired but I thought Id stay up just a little longer this morning to try to help me sleep longer today. I dont normally sleep too well during the day when Im on nightshift so I find Im ultra tired at work by the end of my week :( This week Im lucky I have 2 nights to work then off 3 days then another 2 nights to work. As I dont cope with the lack of sleep too well this is probably better for me.

The picture at the side is my latest creation, I needed somewhere for my pens so I thought Id take an empty jam jar (washed of course lol) and I added a ribbon at the top and made another label for it using blue and pink thin card. The letters and flower prints were done using the pens to ink the stamps. The letter stamps I had bought in hobbycraft months ago, but the flowers were a freebie in a craft magazine (sorry cant remember which one) It didnt take too long and now I have my pens on hand when I need them rather than diggin into the basket, which is oddly in the background, to find them. I have a tendency to use the basket to shove little bits and bobs into so I dont loose them when working on a project on my desk.

Right folks as much as I would love to stay and chat for ages, I guess I should be winding down to allow myself to sleep. Oh I hope I sleep well so Im ready for tonight. Last night I forgot to take my glasses so ended up suffering for it (I get headaches if I dont wear my glasses when I need to) So note to self, I must remember my glasses tonight.

Take care

Sparkles and bubbles to all. Thanks for taking the time to visit and read my post.

T x


  1. Well, its back to work I go. I managed to get 4 hours sleep which I suppose is better than nothing but Im now very tired. Oh well, Im off tomorrow woohoo time to get some crafting done :) Take care and I hope you are still enjoying reading my posts.

    hmmm I wonder if its considered sad to post a comment on your own posts lol

    T x

  2. I love your blog and the random facts is great...felt like i knew you at the end of it lol...hope work wasnt too bad (thanks for becoming a follower)xxx

  3. fingers crossed for me posting....

    lovely pen pot tania, well done...

    maria x