Sunday, 22 February 2009

52 Q and A from the beginning till now

My mini photo album recovered. Each page features one answer. As I haven't had my blog going since the beginning of starting this blog I thought Id feature what Ive done so far.
question 1. what do I hope this year will bring

2. Am I afraid of change.

3. When I look into my eyes I see.......

5. How do I feel today?
I got a little stuck at this point, not with my answer as I recognise how I feel but with how to put my creativity into embellishing my words, but my friends on docrafts helped me by boosting my confidence in my own work and I was inspired to do this answer. So my answer is based more on how I felt when I created this page rather than how I felt at the time the question was posed.
I hope you enjoy seeing what Ive done so far and I look forward to sharing my other questions as and when I finish them.
Sparkles and bubbles to all today.
T x


  1. lovely tags and answers tania, and love the way you've got them all neat in a photo album, great idea...

    maria x

  2. Lovely q&a's Tania...and hey, your blog is looking so cool!
    Sue x

  3. hello Tania, your blog is looking great!Brill Q&A book too.
    Jackie (worcs) :-)