Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My very first Youtube Video is born

Hi folks,

I realise it has been a rather long time since I last posted.  Well that is mostly down to having to move house. I packed stuff away so I wasn't really doing much art and stuff.  Now I have moved and settled in I have decided to take the plunge and film, edit and upload an art video to youtube.  I heard about #lovesummerart, which is an art on youtube festival for want of a better description.  It was a collaboration of many different youtube artists to make a video doing a project, whatever that maybe.  It could be painting, mixed media, crochet or sewing so long it was something creative.  So if you go search on youtube and type in #lovesummerart you will get a heap of new videos with that theme.  I had been thinking about doing a video so thought ach why not.  So I did it.  admittedly I posted a little late but hey it is still there and I am sure there are a few people who will continue to type in #lovesummerart

So for this post I would like to present to you my #lovesummerart YouTube premier :)

#lovesummerart please click here

Thank you til my next post :) T x

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