Monday, 27 April 2015

gelli plate with a 4 year old

Hi Folks

What an absolute ball I had with my 4 year old grand daughter the other week with the Gelli plate.  First and foremost she thought it was absolutely hilarious that the gelli plate was A/ called a gelli plate (she loves jelly) and B/ it wobbled like jelly.  We had so much fun and we had not even started the printing process.  I am new to Gelli printing so we could have probably done so much more but I thought ok lets start small.  We used the brayer to spread the paint and stencils to leave the impressions etc I then thought "ach stuff it get in about it and use your fingers" :) So I gave my grand daughter permission to do just that :) The green and yellow print and the purple and mud print are fingers :) we had great fun indeed.  This is going to be a short post as we did not do as much art as intended.  I took my grand daughter down to the links market in Kirkcaldy.  I will post a pic for those who don't know what the links market is :) so the first picture is the gelli prints we did and the next one is the links market :)

this photo does not do the size of the market justice.  It is huge and runs all the way the main street along the prom in Kirkcaldy.  Apparently its the longest market in Scotland. :)
Until the next time, have fun creating :) T x

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  1. Oh what fun! Hope there weren't too many finger prints to wash of the walls and furniture, lol. The print in the middle is my absolute favorite, I could look at that for hours. :)