Wednesday, 1 April 2015

documented life project March 14th

Well, I have to confess I was struggling a little with what I can do for this page. I am now finished and sharing week number 11 of the documented life project click on the link to see the challenge for march 14th The art challenge was borders and the Jounral prompt was "borderline, feels like I am going to lose my mind"  I am still behind on the pages, but looking likely I will catch up very soon.  I have found more often than not that there are sooooo many cool techniques to try and sooooo many options that I am spoilt for choice.  So as usual I left it, did not worry about it until inspiration hit me.  It hit me when having an international adventure.  I have an arty friend in Australia, as well as in America but sadly she was unable to join our adventure.  We met on jennibellies journal workshops community .  Well, to cut a long story short, I happen to mention to my Australian friend I needed to go clothes shopping and that it was not so much fun going on my own. She offered to go with me as a joke but thought the distance would be an issue.  Well, in days of old it would have been.  However in this modern day with technology I could take her with me via the internet.  We exchanged a few photos and opinions and so shared a day of shopping and even coffee, even though my mobile threatened to shut down due to not checking I had enough charge lol.  So here is my version of documenting our adventure.  Perhaps one day my friend will allow me to share her version. 


The page is made up of two selfies we shared via the internet, when sharing a coffee. For the background I used my new gelli plate :) I love the combination of colours. The border round the photos represents them being on mobile phones, I used charcoal pencil (dark).  I used inktense pencils to border the parking ticket and moon. So that is borders covered.  Oh, I also bordered almost the full page with the journaling.  The connection to the prompt is............. although it feels like I am losing my mind, I am not as I have friends to help keep me grounded :)  There is a white camera icon in the corner of the frame to show it is a mobile photo.  These days mobile phones are all touch screen so no buttons to draw.  I could not think of anything obvious, short of drawing a mobile phone, to make it obvious it's a mobile phone lol.  Anyway, I was in costa having a mocha while my friend was at home having a coffee.  It was day time for me and night time for my friend in Australia.  I have incorporated my receipt from costa (the print disappeared the moment I used medium on it to stick it down) and my parking ticket into the page and added a moon to represent night time to balance the page up :) I felt it was still missing something so I drew in the edge of a satellite dish at the top of the page and drew in oval shapes going smaller towards the satellite to represent the mobile signal.

So thanks to my friend for allowing me to share my page.  Thank you Annejuli :) She is an artist in her own right and one day I will do an interview with her.  So watch this space,  I plan to branch out and do more with my blog.  :)

Thank you for stopping by

T x


  1. You had a great idea for this journal page, good to see something different! Valerie

  2. Thank you Tania. I had so much fun shopping with you, first time I've been clothes shopping with a friend and not spent any money, lol. I LOVE the way this page turned out, it really felt like we were together during that trip and I think your page captures that.

    As you know real life has been keeping me very busy but the moment my page is finished I will be more than happy for you to share it. :)