Friday, 24 July 2015

oh oh, its official I am a youtube artist :)

Well, folks as if I thought it was hard enough to keep up with my blog.  I have just found a new distraction, oooops lol

I had been speaking to a friend of mine AnneJuli, in Australia and we decided that it would be a good idea to document in film my adventure out to art in the outside world away from all my supplies and the difficulties that might bring up. The video contains three very distinct sections.  Section 1 is me in real time speaking about my thought process on what I should take with me and what fits in my bag.  Section 2 is fast forward footage of my art work done in the cafe itself and the challenges I faced.  Section 3 is back home finishing my project with a voice over explaining what I am doing.  I filmed section 1 then went out.  Once I was out and about, to begin with I went to my favourite arty type café where you can purchase and paint ceramics.  They also have great food.  However, to my surprised they were not so keen to allow me to film me doing art, even though I explained I would not be capturing images of anyone else.  They said they would have to ask the owner.  I was a little taken aback by this but what really annoyed me is that they then didn't bother their backside to do so.  I will not name and shame on this occasion as I could see how it would possibly infringe on other café users rights if I was filming and picked up accidentally their conversation.  As I said it was more annoying to me that the person did not really bother to follow through with asking the owner so I ate, paid and moved on.  I then passed a place called Expression Art Studios.  At first glance I thought it was an art studio/shop but then I noticed it was also a place to sit and have a coffee.  Of course I went in.  I got a most welcoming response from James, who is a fantastic artist, you can find his work here :) Thanks James.  I then settled down got organised ordered and paid for a vanilla latte hmmmmm nice.  I did some arting in the coffee lounge of the art studio and returned home.   Here is the result of my efforts, with the youtube video link below. 

I hope you enjoy my video.  If you like my video please give it the thumbs up so youtube will recommend it to others to watch.  Cheers T x

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