Monday, 23 February 2015

learning something new every day

well, it would seem that for me the weekend has been learning curve.  Trying lots of new things.  I have already posted the big projects I have done on Saturday.  What I did not mention was that the techniques used for my flag was something new for me.  Well, I was also in a chat with lots of other crafty people on Sunday as well as Saturday and we were talking about beads.  Now, I had been pondering whether or not to try making handmade paper beads.  Well the enthusiasm and creativity I felt in that chat room was contagious and before I knew it, I was heading out to the shop across the road to buy cocktails sticks (which I couldn't actually find so bought bamboo skewers instead, which worked just as well only rather longer than a cocktail stick lol)  Anyway to cut a long story short I use jennibellie's tutorial on bead making and came up with the following

Now the bottom picture shows a close up of a bead I used original mod podge with some glitter sprinkled into and the other bead I used pigment ink to cover the bead then sprinkled embossing powder and heated as normal.  I think the result is pretty cool  I am sure there are numerous other ways to finish and seal beads so here's to my next lot of experimentation with paper bead making :) I am wondering what normal PVA glue would be like as it dries clear too.  I think I will try it next as I do not have the glaze Jennibellie recommends in her video
I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and come back :)

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  1. Beads are always fun to make, Try winding some gold wire round them, or adding other embellishments, they make lovely decorations. Hugs, Valerie