Friday, 27 February 2015

Interesting trip to Kirkcaldy Art Galleries

Hi folks

Today is not about what I have created.  Today is about my visit to view what others have created.  I visited the Kirkcaldy Galleries to see a Diane Arbus exhibition.  It was a small exhibit but there was a good number of photograph and certainly enough photos to get a flavour of Diane's work, in my humble opinion.  The gallery provided some interesting details of each photo on separate laminated printed sheets. I noticed in the shop there was an autobiography book for Diane Arbus on sale.  It might be worth a read???? It is not my usual type of book to read but there is always a first time, so who knows.

There was also a small area outside the art rooms where art students displayed some of their Diane inspired portraits.  

In the room next door was a small exhibition of other artists portrait work.  It was small but it was very interesting and inspiring.  I wish I could have taken photos to share as I was particularly taken by the sculpture made out of coat hangers.  However, I totally understand why I could not.  In fact, really when you think about it.  We go to exhibitions to pay attention, to look at items there, if we take photos we are hardly present are we?  I would encourage anyone who is in the area to go visit the galleries.  Today was my first visit and I plan to go back to other exhibits. 

Although I was not allowed to take photos of the Diane Albus exhibition or the other portrait exhibition.  I did ask permission to take a photo of the corridor of the other exhibit rooms, which I was of course granted.  I was rather inspired by the long corridor linking them all so to share with you all here is the photo I took.  I hope you like it.  I did spend a lot of time just staring up that corridor taking in the view before I then asked permission to take a photo. 

I also enjoyed when I spoke with the employee at the gallery to ask for permission to take this photo.  She was friendly and even after I took the photo was very interested in seeing it. All in all a really successful and inspiring trip to the gallery. 

Of course now what is going on in my head is an idea to start to keep an "I visited............ today" journal.   I have taken an info leaflet from the exhibition today so I can put it into my book.  Not sure how I will do it but it is an idea in progress lol  so watch this space.  :)

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog today



  1. Sounds like a good day out! Hugs, Valerie

  2. I love the corridor shot. I too would have stood there for ages just imagining what was happening along the way. It seems if you traveled far enough down there you could find yourself in Narnia or somewhere equally magical. I would have really enjoyed seeing the coat hanger sculpture but fully understand why you weren't allowed to photograph.

    1. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean Annejuli. I am glad you like my photo. I was worried it would not capture what I was thinking, but it would seem it has :)