Saturday, 21 February 2015

Jennibellies birthday bash

Hi folks I just wanted to share with you my day.  Today I participated in an Art Day on jennibellie's journal workshops page.  This website is one year old and to celebrate Jennibellie organised a get together of all its members to have a fun day of creativity.  There were videos to watch and projects to try and lots and lots of chat.  I had such a load of fun.  I managed to do two projects today.  The first a journal page using the prompt "what does your heart look like" well of course I thought long and hard about this one.  I have had my heart bashed over the years and it feels a little broken right now.  However, as negative as that sounds I also have family and friends who are essentially bandages wrapped around my heart holding it together til it heals.  I have not done a photo tutorial of these projects I just wanted to share

journal page "what does your heart look like"

The second project was a flag, I used linen and put gesso on it to create a page to be able to use my new geleto steam punk colours :) I am rather pleased with the outcome.  Again no run of photos from start to finish so I will simply share the finished item.

I think this one speaks for itself, Tania's touch as I have hand made it :) and the hand because it is my touch so it is a print of my hand :) the rest is embellishments. 
I hope you have enjoyed having a look at what I have been up to today.  Please feel free to pop along to Jennibellie's journal workshop and have a look, may be even join :)
cheers T 


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    1. As always, thank you Valerie. I spend the full day from 10am til well after 10pm creating and chatting with like minded people it was a good day indeed.